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Centers across the country are taking steps to prepare for possible Ebola in urgent care.

The cases that could present for treatment, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are being reviewed. As frontline medical facilities, urgent care centers should be knowledgeable on Ebola-like symptoms and what to do if the disease is present.

While the likelihood of an Ebola patient coming to an urgent care are low, patients with flu-like symptoms routinely use urgent care centers. Some urgent cares are attempting to prevent any possibility of Ebola in their clinics by posting signs on their outer doors, asking if the person who is experiencing flu-like symptoms has traveled to or been in contact with someone from high-risk countries. Those individuals are instructed on exterior signs to go directly to a hospital and contact the health department.

It’s also recommended that urgent care centers offer gloves and a mask to anyone who enters a clinic with flu-like symptoms.

Learn more and access resources by reading the Urgent Care News article “Urgent Care Centers Urged to Prepare for Ebola Cases.”


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