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When the speed of patient throughput translates to revenue for your urgent care center, every second counts during the patient registration process. That’s why we’re so excited to debut the new photo upload feature to our eRegistration system.

Patients Can Now Take Photos of IDs and Insurance Cards

New to our eRegistration system, patients can now take a photo of their state IDs and/or their insurance cards. This new functionality not only saves your front desk staff an extra step during registration, but it gives your patients the peace of mind that their information is correct in your registration system.

“This new eRegistration functionality not only puts more of the registration process within the patient’s control but frees up time for your front desk staff to work on other tasks,” says Robyn Reyes, senior product manager for Practice Velocity. “Patients using eRegistration inside your urgent care center are no longer sitting there wondering how long it’s going to take your front desk staff to input their information that they just spent time filling out on paper. Patients can have the assurance that the information they have provided electronically will be there and ready for the front desk staff; no waiting for data entry.”

Robyn says this functionality becomes even more valuable when patients upload their IDs and insurance cards through the eRegistration process online prior to their visits to your urgent care center.

“The patient’s perception of the time they spend in the waiting room is important to an urgent care center,” Robyn says. “The front desk staff at many centers do more than just register patients; other duties can include completing patient callbacks, scheduling referrals and even triaging and radiology tasks. Any time-savings for the staff registering patients is valuable.”

How the Photo Upload Functionality Works

The new photo upload functionality is built right into the eRegistration system and is completely optional to your patients. Patients can take photos of the fronts and backs of their IDs and insurance cards, but if a patient doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have their card on hand, there are clear instructions on how to proceed through the eRegistration system without taking photos of their cards. Any cards your patients load through eRegistration are then saved in Practice Velocity’s practice management system for your staff to access at any time.

With our new photo upload functionality in our eRegistration system, you can shave even more time off your patient registration process, making your patients happier and giving much-needed time back to your staff. Happy patients and more efficient employees means extra dollars for your urgent care center.

Now that’s a picture worth smiling for.

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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