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Robyn Reyes, senior product manager at Practice Velocity, sits at a conference room table in one of Practice Velocity’s brightly colored, Google-esque meeting spaces. This room happens to be painted white, but it’s flanked by meeting rooms painted bright green and blue.

“Why do I think our clients keep ranking us Category Leader?” Robyn muses. “Well, because ‘clients win’ is one of our values. We’ve embedded that in every step of the customer experience.”

For the fourth consecutive year, Practice Velocity’s clients have ranked the company’s VelociDoc® urgent care EMR as the KLAS Category Leader for Urgent Care in the Best in KLAS: Software & Services report. KLAS is an independent research organization that monitors health care vendor performance by collecting feedback from health care professionals and payers. The KLAS report shows that health care professionals say Practice Velocity’s EMR is the highest performing in the industry for Urgent Care. Robyn attributes this continued No. one ranking to Practice Velocity’s dedication to its clients’ successes.

“When our clients are successful, we’re successful,” says Robyn. “Having ‘clients win’ at the forefront of our minds, we’re always thinking about how to make clients successful through implementation, through ongoing support, and when we’re developing new functionality, we want to make sure our solutions help make their practices faster, more efficient, and earn them more revenue.”

Greg Wentz, Practice Velocity’s chief technology officer and chief compliance and privacy officer, agrees. He sits across the conference room table from Robyn with his hand atop a stack of papers.

Greg Wentz accepts Practice Velocity's KLAS Category Leader Award from Jackson Tate

Greg Wentz (right), CTO of Practice Velocity, accepts the award for KLAS Category Leader for Urgent Care

Greg has been with the company for 15 years in various capacities, including chief operations officer and chief information officer. He currently focuses on product strategy and customer experience. Greg spends a lot of time talking to clients, from implementation to well past go-live.

“With our account management focus, we’re much more proactive with our clients,” says Greg, adjusting his signature blue plaid shirt. “We’re talking to our clients to make sure we’re providing the features that they want and need.”

According to both Robyn and Greg, those features Practice Velocity clients want and need are very urgent care-focused, and that’s how Practice Velocity delivers on its commitment to delivering superior solutions, the key to becoming a KLAS Category Leader. Compared to competitors that say they provide EMR solutions designed for urgent care, Practice Velocity’s tools were originally developed in an urgent care center by urgent care physicians.

“When Practice Velocity was founded, all of our knowledge came from an urgent care practice from urgent care physicians,” says Greg. “Today, almost all of our company leaders have urgent care or health care expertise, so we understand what is needed to make an efficient urgent care solution.”

Greg turns to Robyn to give her a chance to weigh in, and a glimpse of Practice Velocity’s other core value of “team player” becomes abundantly apparent as the two colleagues continue to discuss the company’s designation.

“Yes, I agree. We deliver on our commitment to provide superior solutions as KLAS Category Leader by delivering solutions that are specific to the urgent care setting,” says Robyn, leaning forward. It’s clear she’s passionate about the product she develops. “We intimately understand urgent care from the patient’s perspective to the receptionist to the provider to the owner, and we can take all of that knowledge as we’re developing the solutions and can attack a problem from all of these different angles. Having those viewpoints makes the solutions that we do deliver superior over other solutions.”

As Practice Velocity heads into 2018, Robyn and Greg say they are excited to work with clients to create greater enhancement to their practices. They say the company is focusing on doing what clients need to achieve the highest positive payment adjustments possible for MIPS. Also, many Practice Velocity clients serve rural communities, and their providers are often patients’ primary care physicians, so Practice Velocity will look at ways to enhance its software to support those types of services. Practice Velocity will also continue to broaden its feature set to continue to make its customers across the whole spectrum – from small clinics to hospital-based large clinics to major chain clients – be as efficient as possible.

“Ultimately, we’ll continue to work closely with our clients to drive our solutions. That’s what makes Practice Velocity so great,” says Greg.

See for yourself why Practice Velocity clients keep rating the VelociDoc urgent care EMR the KLAS Category Leader for Urgent Care.

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