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Employee engagement is critical to urgent care success. That’s because you’re operating in a retail-oriented side of healthcare, and you’re often asking lower paid workers to go above and beyond. Alan Ayers, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives with Practice Velocity, will share tips and tricks for building a performance-oriented, empowered front line workforce in a FREE webinar at 1 p.m. EDT on July 12.

Front office workers in urgent care determine how quickly patients are seen, payment to the center for patient visits, and the level of customer satisfaction. Despite all this, front line staff members are usually the lowest paid and least recognized members of the team. If an urgent care operator isn’t diligent, this can translate to employee disengagement and high turnover, poor medical outcomes and compliance problems.

Ayers will discuss the importance of converting ordinary patients into loyal fans of your urgent care center. He’ll also explain how to engage front line workers in that process.

The hour-long webinar will cover:

  • How employee engagement drives service delivery which contributes to increased patient satisfaction, volumes and profits.
  • Characteristics of engaged employees, factors that play into employee motivation, “de-motivators” to avoid, and the “basics” of organizational planning, hiring, on-boarding, training and coaching.
  • How urgent care operators establish affinity with staff members, leverage the inherent self-motivation of health care workers, and how culture manifests in manager behaviors.
  • How “best in class” service organizations differentiate themselves with cultures that empower, engage, and reward employees.
  • How to differentiate the attitudes and behaviors of employees who consider themselves victims versus those who are accountable for their actions.
  • How to create a culture where consistent standards of service delivery are the norm, not the exception.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn proven strategies for driving volume and ensuring long-term success at your urgent care center.

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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