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Hurray, we’ve made it to the ninth, and final, top feature your next EMR should have. This one is vital for monitoring efficiency and the overall success of your practice. Be sure to read our previous features that should be on your checklist for your next EMR.

9. Built-in Auditing & Reporting

Accountability is crucial. It’s wise to pick an EMR that can track users’ actions within the system, for legal reasons and employee performance reviews. See if the EMRs you are considering keep an easily viewable audit log with time stamps, actions completed, communication records, and items documented on the patient’s record. Audit logs will also help prove you’re meeting measures for Meaningful Use attestation—and show critical data if you’re reviewed for compliance.

An EMR with reporting functionality should give you a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in each of your clinic locations. Data should include patient wait times, door-to-door times, patients seen per hour (and per provider), payment information, and so forth. While productivity reports can point out staffing needs, financial reports can help administration know where revenue gaps are occurring. Make sure reports have a “push button” option, and don’t require you to know programming or ask the EMR vendor to run the report.

Tip: Get an EMR with built-in audit logs and reports. You’ll be working blind if your EMR doesn’t give you these critical numbers—which help you know how your urgent care is doing. Some EMRs have better reporting functionality than others, so see if the EMR’s abilities match what reports you’ll want.

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