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Nothing fits better than something designed specifically for you. Your next EMR definitely should be designed for what your clinic does. It will save you so much time. Discover our other top features  your next EMR should have too!

8. Designed with a Dedicated Focus

Each practice has its own intricacies. A chiropractor office’s workflow is different than a pediatric clinic’s. Physical therapy is different than cardiology—and so forth. To ensure your clinic is using the best EMR, choose one that has the same focus as you do. This cuts down on modifying an EMR to fit your clinic workflow, since presumably the software is already aligned to typical patient scenarios you’ll be facing.

Trying to fit within a one-size-fits-all EMR will only cause frustration with generic documentation steps and templates that don’t fit your practice’s flow. Larger EMR vendors often focus on servicing hospitals and general practice clients—and don’t make EMRs to fit specialized medicine—nor are they focused on speed of documentation.

Tip: Pick an EMR that’s made specifically for your practice, even if it’s not as mainstream as other larger EMR vendors. Also, beware of free generic EMRs who promise affordability but give you limited options—and charge for individual actions within the software.

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