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Sometimes, the best features of software aren’t in the software. Ensure your next EMR has training so staff can easily learn navigation, along with continue to get help after go-live with responsive technical support. Trust us, some EMRs don’t have awesome options for this feature.

5. Training & Technical Support

Software is a tool, not a final solution in itself. To make an EMR successful, those who use it—both administrative and clinical staff—must be properly trained. When considering EMRs, ask vendors about their training programs. Do they have trainers on staff that will help get your clinic personnel up to speed during implementation? And is training included or an additional cost? What about on-going training?

Training programs, whether online or on location, will ensure your clinic stays up to date on software functionality. Access to online training helps save your clinic employees valuable time with training new personnel. This is especially helpful for urgent care clinics which can have frequent employee turnover, along with a high percentage of part-time staff and temporary personnel. Of course, personalized training will be the most effective for EMR mastery, so check to see if the EMR vendor has separate, role-based training for registration, triage, and billing staff.

Support doesn’t stop with implementation. You’ll need on-going help to answer questions as they come up after training. Make sure your EMR vendor has its own technical support team (not contracted personnel) to help you out—and see if extended hours are available. Issues tend to happen during non-business hours, so see if they have the staff to handle after-hours troubleshooting.

Tip: See if training and support is offered as part of the EMR pricing or if it costs you more. Online training programs will save you valuable time with new hires. Reliable, committed EMR vendors will offer comprehensive, role-based training and on-going tech support.

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