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This is an important feature! Having an EMR that is cloud-based means easier access, less dependence on local servers, and frees your staff to chart from anywhere with internet.

4.  A Secure, Cloud-based Model

If you’ve installed software, you know how much of a headache it can be. EMR vendors—and many software vendors in general—are moving to a purely cloud-based hosted environment. Rather than installing software directly on individual desktops or on a client’s server, an EMR vendor with a cloud-based model allows direct access via an internet connection.

This means no matter the device used, or where a provider may be, universal EMR access is available 24/7 online. With built-in auditing (see feature #9, coming soon), you can also track user access and documentation changes to ensure compliance. Implementation is significantly streamlined using a cloud-based EMR application—with access available virtually in minutes—perfect for an urgent care which can’t afford costly interruptions when switching EMRs.

Without high upfront technology costs, an urgent care can install a cloud-based EMR more affordably by paying a Software as a Service (SaaS) fee to access the software. IT requirements for testing security and automatic software updates are done by the EMR vendor. With a cloud-based EMR, data is frequently backed up, the system is operating in real time, interfaces are more reliable, and the environment is more scalable.

Tip: Reduce cost and time of EMR implementation by considering a cloud-based EMR. Make sure EMRs perform well on multiple devices and web browsers (ask for a recommended list of hardware and internet requirements). Also, ensure data storage is secure and HIPAA compliant.

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