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Welcome to our nine-part blog series on features your next EMR should have. Not all EMRs are created equal, and we’ve seen many urgent cares disappointed by EMRs that weren’t all they were made out to be.

When your urgent care is ready to switch EMRs, it’s handy to keep a list of features to help evaluate software choices. To help you while you’re hunting, we’ve made a list of the top features our clinics have said are the most important in a successful EMR.

1. An Integrated Workflow

While many EMRs are advertised to have an integrated system, the truth is that they have the ability to “interface” between systems. A truly integrated approach means you don’t have to interface different products to get the main functionality you need in your Practice Management (PM) and EMR.

With interfaced systems, the software has the same information in multiple locations, and requires actions to send information from one system to another. However, with an integrated system, no actions are required to push data from one system to the other; integrated software uses one source of data.

For example, with an integrated system, if you enter a patient’s demographics in the registration portion of the PM, this info should auto-populate (in real-time) into the EMR patient chart and the patient bill. This real-time updating across all segments of the software means higher productivity with less data entry, less chance for human error, and fewer opportunities to miss charges. With a holistic, integrated system, there’s no reason to be double entering info or waiting for that data to be pushed into another system.

Tip: Look for an EMR vendor that offers an integrated PM and/or billing services  as a part of their offerings. Also ensure you can easily customize workflow within the EMR to fit your clinic’s overall workflow management system.1 

Want to see all the features we recommend your next EMR has? Download our free eBook. 

1. Webster, Charles W. (2003). Electronic Medical Record Workflow Management: The Workflow of Workflow.

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