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Yes, you read that right: the recently released Forrester TEI study revealed a 183 percent ROI for urgent care clinics using Experity’s software and services.

This is exciting news for our clients. While we have always known that our integrated, urgent care specific solutions are clinic-changers for delivering an improved patient experience, improving productivity, and optimizing revenue, we’re happy to share this study that shows how our customers are succeeding using Experity.

In the new normal, where adapting is essential, clinics are looking for flexible solutions that remove friction and for providers, patients, and operators. We’re committed to providing those solutions.

Where do successful operators go to find software and services that help them respond effectively in the changing urgent care market?  They turn to connected solutions built for urgent care.

The value that customers receive from using our Connected Solutions is unique in the urgent care market. What we’ve known—and what has been shown in a newly released commissioned Total Economic Impactâ„¢ study conducted by Forrester Consulting—is that by partnering with Experity, urgent care clinics can optimize workflow and financials to positively impact their bottom line.

Experity Solutions are Built for Urgent Care

Forrester describes Experity this way: Experity’s solutions are built for urgent care facilities and are designed to make life easier for the front desk, clinical, billing, and administrative staff and to get patients in and out fast. And because practitioners can finish charting during the patient visit—not after hours—they get their time back, too.

For the study, Forrester interviewed five Experity customers and based results on a composite global company. Before selecting Experity, the global organization was looking for:

Experity Improves Productivity

The customer interviews indicate that Experity helps clinics optimize revenue per patient visit. The study indicated that Experity accelerates the patient visit process with its ability to quickly access data from health systems, labs, radiology clinics, and other medical services. That plus the special design for urgent care environments with workflows that work for on-demand care environments speed up visits. Providers are consequently more productive.

The interviewed customers also experienced benefits using Experity’s patient engagement solution with shorter door-to-door times, increasing patient satisfaction.  Some customers further reported that they were able to see more patients, resulting in more revenue for clinics

Experity Optimizes Revenue

Experity’s urgent care billing services team understands the complexities of revenue cycle management for urgent care clinics, according to the study. Expertise specific to urgent care coding and billing improve revenue optimization.

And in a time of provider burnout, customers reported that work-life balance improved with two- to four-minute post-visit charting resulting in less after-hours charting. Customers in the study also showed a reduction in bad debt expense.

At a Glance

The findings of the TEI study highlight the importance and financial benefits of utilizing urgent care specific software. Urgent care-specific functionality was built to optimize workflows and revenue, and this study shows that it positively impacts the bottom line.

According to the study, with Experity solutions clients see on average:

  • $3.3 M net present value
  • 183% Return on investment
  • < 6-month payback
  • $3.1M revenue optimization due to more productive providers
  • $1.6M revenue optimization per patient visit
  • 50% decrease in bad debt
  • 4 additional patients per day

“Before Experity, it was cumbersome and disjointed. You had somebody doing your onboarding with your contracting and credentialing; you had someone else doing your billing. You had another group doing your charts. It was a hodgepodge of different unconnected systems and processes. What I like about Experity was being able to pull all of that together.” ” CEO, Urgent Care Clinics

Experity continues to evolve with the urgent care industry, providing connected solutions that help clinics succeed in the new normal. This study reinforces how Experity solutions and services can ensure bottom-line growth while delivering an improved patient experience.

We take immense pride in being trusted business advisors for all our customers. We believe the results of Forrester TEI study are further evidence we’re delivering on this goal.

Jared Lisenby

Jared Lisenby,
SVP, Sales

Jared Lisenby is a dynamic, entrepreneurial sales and business development executive with a focus on information technology companies. He has extensive experience executing industry-leading channel programs, building strategic partnerships, and shaping overall company growth strategies.

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