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It’s great to see marketing efforts pay off. Practice Velocity customers Jonathan Gusdorff, MD, and his wife, Jaime, co-founders of CareSTAT Urgent Care, have worked hard to market their practice and were recently featured on the front page of their local newspaper in Springfield, PA. The front page of the Springfield Press described Dr. Gusdorff’s urgent care services and provided readers with information about the clinic.

I have always advised Practice Velocity urgent care clients that effective marketing is vital to urgent care center success, just as it is for any business. You could spend thousands of dollars to reach your potential customers, but there are ways to get free or very inexpensive press for your clinic.

In Dr. Gusdorff’s case, I expect he spent a relatively small amount on print advertising (the front page of the newspaper features a small CareSTAT ad). The small ad sparked the newspaper’s interest and prompted them to feature Dr. Gusdorff on the front page. The feature article dramatically expands the value of the ad.

To implement this approach, contact the management of your local news media, whether newspaper, television or radio. Provide specific reasons why the audience would or should value information about urgent care. Explain the cost savings, the convenience, and the growing popularity of urgent care as a healthcare alternative for non-emergency conditions. The CareSTAT article tells how urgent care can fill a gap between primary care practices and emergency rooms.

Timing is everything and for Dr. Gusdorff, timing was perfect. The front-page photo shows Dr. Gusdorff outside his well-branded clinic with a large sign: “Sports Physicals, $20.” With students returning to school, it was a great opportunity to talk about one of the clinic’s services, and once again, be very clear on the value to the reader. CareSTAT also leveraged an upcoming event, a 5K fun run they are joint sponsoring.

Participating in local charity events or volunteer activities will place your clinic in front of potential patients. Plus, the newsworthiness of this event might give the paper another reason to feature your clinic on the front page.

For more on free press marketing, take a look at Mistake #23, Marketing Without Using Free Press,” in our Top 25 Urgent Care Startup Mistakes.

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