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Black Book Market Research, a comprehensive healthcare market research and public opinion research company, recognized DocuTAP as the top-ranked urgent care and occupational medicine EHR for 2016. Despite notching top-three finishes in the past, 2016 marks the first time in company history that DocuTAP has won the prestigious award.

The Black Book Awards voting process is a detailed one. According to the company’s website, “Client users submit ballots per vendor per function which are juxtaposed with client size, functions outsourced, software installed, systems employed, services rendered, industry/vertical(s) affected, country of service origin and overall service and/or product line domain.”

After all the ballots are submitted, the data is subjected to an internal and external audit. This step is crucial because it not only verifies the completeness and accuracy of each vote, but it allows clients to see how a vendor is truly performing. Black Book claims their data reporting and in-depth voting process comes with a 95 percent accuracy rate.

In addition to handing out their annual awards, Black Book also released survey information from Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2016. Here are a few of the research highlights they found:

Practices that see a high volume of finite diagnoses have significantly benefited from the templates offered to support a more disparate cross-section of patients who require more individualized documentation according to 93% of all specialists surveyed.

79% also state their meaningful use incentive payments did not offset capital and personnel costs associated with the EHR implementation.

29% of independent specialists switched EHRs from their original implementations in favor of a comprehensive multi-use EHR because they perceived limited market-sized  (specialist-specific) EHRs may lead to compromised growth and stability in their practices.

For a full rundown of the results and awards, head over to Black Book’s website. It has a plethora of information that touches on trending events, leading edge polling and survey data with media, vendors, analysts, IT users, and investors.

This resource was first published prior to the 2019 merger between DocuTAP and Practice Velocity. The content reflects our legacy brands.

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