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The devastation of Hurricane Harvey may seem like a distant memory, but for those who were in Harvey’s destructive path, the road to recovery is still miles ahead. Davam Urgent Care, located in Magnolia, Texas, about an hour northwest of Houston, understands that journey all too well. The center just wrapped up a fund-raiser that allowed them to donate $500 to their community’s local hurricane relief efforts.

The Magnolia community’s proximity to Houston brought it right into Hurricane Harvey’s path, and four out of the six schools in the Little Cypress Mauriceville School District suffered severe damage. Most of the families and students in the school district lost everything to hurricane damage. To support the families in the community, Magnolia Independent School District formed the Magnolia Cares disaster relief fund.

According to Dr. Payman Arabzadeh, who prefers to go by Dr. Payman, chief medical officer for Davam Urgent Care, it wasn’t a question of whether Davam would get involved; it was how they would get involved.

The Davam Urgent Care staff used its flu vaccine clinic that was already scheduled for November to raise funds benefiting the Magnolia Cares fund. The center charged $20 for self-pay patients and donated $10 from each flu shot to the hurricane relief fund. They promoted the fund-raiser through social media posts, a news release and during the half-time show of a local high school football game.

Davam Urgent Care example of community involvement with social post for their flu shot drive

The fund-raiser was a tremendous success, raising $500 that would go toward the purchase of items such as band instruments, athletic uniforms and other school supplies for students in Little Cypress Mauriceville School District. The Magnolia Cares drive as a whole raised a total of $54,855 for the students of Magnolia, Texas.

The Importance of Community Involvement

This isn’t the first time Davam Urgent Care has stepped up to help its local community. The center has spent the last few years building relationships with area schools, sponsoring Student of the Month programs and handing out Gatorade at sports events. The center’s sunflower mascot can frequently be spotted around town at food drives and other community events.

“From day one, one of our biggest goals was to be extremely involved in the community,” says Dr. Payman. “We knew that we wouldn’t be able to exist without our neighbors, and they truly are an extension of our family here at Davam Urgent Care.”

And for Davam Urgent Care, the return on investment for these efforts isn’t just community goodwill. According to Dr. Payman, they see it in their bottom line, with more parents and students choosing Davam as the center’s relationships with the schools grows stronger. This flu season, in fact, Davam was slammed with a record number of patients, something Dr. Payman partially attributes to their recent fund-raiser for Magnolia Cares.

For urgent care providers who would like to start building these kinds of relationships in their communities, Dr. Payman says you just need to take that first step and pick up the phone. The return, at least for Davam, has been worth the effort.

“As we continue to increase our community involvement, we are pleased to say that the community continues to embrace Davam Urgent Care more and more,” says Dr. Payman.

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