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A mass of eager kids crowd the glass doors that stand between them and Practice Velocity’s Town Hall. They’re all holding empty egg cartons waiting to be filled by the sea of plastic eggs sprawled across the floor in the next room. Suddenly, the Easter Bunny appears on the other side of the door. The bunny offers a light wave of its paw, a teasing wiggle of its rear end. Then the Easter Bunny pulls the doors open, and the Easter egg hunt is on.

There’s no stampeding during Practice Velocity’s annual “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Hunt.” Despite their excitement to fill their cartons with colorful plastic prizes, the kids all walk inside and start calmly gathering eggs because they know there’s enough to go around for everyone. The rules are pretty clear: once you fill your egg carton, you’re done with the hunt.

The exciting part is opening them up to find out what prizes they collected. Some eggs contain stickers, some little bunny-shaped figures, but others have little pieces of paper redeemable for bigger prizes. All of the kids walk away with something fun, like gift bags full of pencils, bubbles, or grand prizes like stuff animals.

Cassidy Merrill counting her Easter Eggs

Cassidy Merrill counts the eggs she collected during PV’s annual Easter Egg Hunt

Brianna Merrill, who joined Practice Velocity as a medical biller last year, says she’s never worked for a company that’s offered these kinds of events before. She says she really enjoys the opportunity to get her family involved in what she does for a living.

“I love it. I feel like it gets my kids involved in what I do, and they get to see what I do,” says Brianna. “The kids are excited just to see where mom goes every day, and they think this place is just the coolest building ever because it’s so big and so colorful, and my son is always telling me how lucky I am to have a job like this because we get all kinds of free food and events and stuff like that.”

As she watches her daughters Cassidy and Molly fill their cartons with eggs, she smiles and says, “I think they’re having a blast.”

The easter egg hunt was only one part of the annual event. Families could enjoy breakfast, take pictures with the Easter Bunny, or get a balloon animal or hat made.

“I love working at Practice Velocity,” says Brianna. “I actually enjoy coming to work every day.”

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