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Your physicians and physician extenders are an essential part of your urgent care clinic’s reputation. While it is the need for immediate medical care that initially draws patients to an urgent care clinic, it is your staff and service that distinguish your facility from your competitor’s clinic.

Here are 5 ways to feature your practitioners on your website:

Pictures: A name is great but a picture is worth a thousand words. A professional physician headshot conveys confidence and competence. Photos of the practitioners interacting with patients are reassuring, and without a single word say I am here to help you. Pictures are an easy way to display that your clinic offers patient focused care from a compassionate staff.

Scrolling Marquis: This is an attractive way to show off practitioners and their patient relationships. Your eye is immediately drawn to the movement. Include photos of the practitioners interacting with patients and overlap quotes of patient reviews and experiences. Mix up the kinds of quotes you use Dr. Jones was so kind with my little Timmy Dr. Harris was quick with my visit and I was able to get back to work right away. Let your patients be your cheerleaders.

Our Doctors: Have a highlighted tab designated to your practitioners. Your patients-specifically the mom’s of the household- want to know who they will be seen by and what their expertise is.

Include information like:

  • Physician name
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Language, if bilingual
  • Personal information *Keep this general. Don’t divulge anything too personal. Speak to their hometown, family status, hobbies, etc.

Take advantage of free press: If a physician at your clinic was interviewed for the local newspaper or was a guest speaker at a local University, post the article on your website. It gives the impression that this physician is an expert. The same can be done with community involvement such as a physician that participated in free flu shots at the local Wal-Mart or perhaps coaches a t-ball team your clinic sponsors. Patients admire a physician that is willing to give back to their community. It builds a level of trust your competitors may not have.

Direct Physician Participation: Have your practitioners participate in providing content to the website. A short article answering commonly asked questions or offering suggestions on how to beat seasonal allergies are great tools in demonstrating the practitioner’s expertise and the ability to communicate to the patient. It also gives the added benefit of showing your team cares about the patient’s well-being before they even walk through the door.

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